Bushman is the better candidate for PSC

Something smells really bad. Why would three seated Public Service commissioners come to Billings from three other districts and endorse an inexperienced candidate for our district. What is their agenda?

Kirk Bushman is a diligent, hardworking, conscientious public servant, continually educating himself on the issues. His engineering background makes him the most qualified for this job.

Bushman is being criticized for not moving to and spending more time in his office in Helena.

We have a small community septic and drain field system, and an association needed to be set up where we would be charging a fee. Bushman brought a staff member down from Helena to help set this up in order for us to comply.

Also, we own rental properties. Bushman has been meeting with me, our property manager, the Landlord Association and the utility companies to help prevent utilities from turning off service to the tenant without the landlord being notified. If gas or electricity is shut off, properties can freeze up.

A commissioner’s job is not just sitting in his office in Helena, but to be out working and serving his constituents.

I would suggest that these three commissioners go back to their own districts and let us elect who we believe is the most qualified candidate. Be public servants dedicated to doing what is best for Montana instead of fueling their own agendas, whatever they might be. Maybe some cooperation and respect is in order.

Source – http://billingsgazette.com/news/opinion/mailbag/bushman-is-the-better-candidate-for-psc/article_68be2d01-d67c-5241-a57b-63e2212d0da9.html